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This Markbass International Warranty Registration page is a quick and easy way to register your warranty for any of our products.
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    Top 4 reasons to register your warranty:
  1. Identifies you and your product should you ever need warranty support.
  2. You can register your warranty in a matter of minutes.
  3. Simply point, click and type in your information—you're done.
  4. You will never have to worry about where you put your warranty card, should you ever need it.
    (However, a copy of the sales receipt or bill of delivery must still be provided as evidence of the validity of the warranty).
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Warranty Registrations

  • What is the CPC and how do I use it?

    CPC (Continuous Power Control) is a practical innovation developed by DV  Mark which allows you to actually change the power of your amp. Often  guitarists find that they have to play “too loud” to get the tone they  want… but being able to change the power of the amp (incrementally all  the way down to 1W) allows you to get the tone you want at whatever  volume is appropriate for your gig, session or rehearsal. More power  means your tone will stay clean at higher volumes. Less power means your  sound will distort even at lower volumes. This works great if you have  to rock out quietly!

  • What is the ATCS and how do I use it?

    The optional ATCS (Advanced Tube Control System) interface allows users or service technicians to connect this port to the DVM Contoller (optional), and collect technical data and tube parameters from the amp. This doesn’t affect your sound, and you don’t even have to use it if you don’t want. But it’s a useful tool for helping you understand the status of your tubes, making the amp easier to maintain service.

  • How do I switch channels on the Bad Boy 120?

    There are three ways to switch channels on the Bad Boy 120. The first is using the Bad Boy Controller—this is the most practical way to manage channel switching. If you have any mono on/off style footswitches, you can plug them into the footswitch jacks on the rear panel as an alternative. And lastly, you can change channels by pressing the channel select button on the rear panel. This scrolls through the channels in sequence. It’s not as practical as the other methods, but comes in handy when you don’t have a controller or pedals!

  • What makes these cabinets and combos so light?

    Before DV Mark, Markbass changed bass amp history by offering customers amps, cabinets and combos that were often about half the weight of their standard counterparts. This would be a hollow achievement if the gear didn’t sound awesome… but like Markbass, DV Mark products place tone first. That said, the light weight is a huge bonus, especially appreciated by busy professionals. The speakers in the cabs and combos are neodymium (that’s the name of the super-magnetic metal in the speaker driver)—that’s one of the key weight savings. Italian poplar is a light, but durable and great sounding wood that is used for the cabs and combos. Clever design and top-quality components also help save weight.


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